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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Jun 19, 2019

Dr. Julie Lopez, founder of The Viva Center, author of Live Empowered, trauma specialist, and expert in implicit memory shares her breadth of knowledge with us. Julie explains what implicit memory is, how it differs from explicit memory, and why it matters in the resolution of trauma. 

Using her knowledge of brain development and function, Julie explains the role the hippocampus plays in implicit memory. She helps us understand how implicit memories form by explaining the neurobiological processes that happen as memories form. 

Dr. Julie is particularly interested in the experience of the adopted person because she, herself, is adopted. Pulling from her personal experiences and professional background, Julie helps us understand why we sabotage and undermine ourselves.

One important thing we’ve learned is that an individual doesn’t need to know the facts of what happened to them in order to heal.  Julie discusses resilience, survival, instinct, adaptation, the loss of the will to live, and neuroplasticity.

Learn that addictions and compulsive behaviors, such as cutting, are actually adaptive behaviors and why that matters.  Discover why the way to move implicit memory is non-verbally, and why experiential treatments are the best approach.


Dr. Julie talks about The Resilient Brain Project, an online mental health empowerment tool designed to support you in twelve different areas of mental health.  Use this site to help yourself or if you’re an ally helping a loved one.


Read Julie’s book, Live Empowered: Rewire Your Brain’s Implicit Memory to Thrive in Business, Love, and Life.  Live Empowered Book


Dr. Lopez is also the founder of The Viva Center in Washington DC, which is a community of therapists brought together by a desire to end the stigma against mental illness.


Learn why it’s important to choose your therapist wisely.  Dr. Lopez directs us back to her book where she outlines a list of questions to ask a therapist to ensure you’re working with the right practitioner for you.



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