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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Dec 12, 2018

In 2015 I had massive acute depressive episode related to workplace stressors and bullying. 3 yrs of recovery; the toughest time ever, led to my personal escape from the rabbit hole in 2017.
I published book in 2018 and put my house up for sale, donated possessions to charity and made the commitment to travel in the USA. I'm spreading the word about mental illness in children and teenagers and the effects of bullying. I am on a new life journey.

Show Notes:
Tracey Maxfield is raising awareness about depression and what the experience of it is really like.  Following bullying and harassment at work, she found herself struggling with a major depressive episode, and she fought to get herself through it, largely without support.
She explains what constitutes bullying and harassment in the workplace.
Tracy's honest, raw, authentic recount of her time 'down the rabbit hole' gives our listeners a glimpse of the experience.  This is incredibly important for all of us to understand because 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children have mental illness.  It's documented that children as young as 6 years old have committed suicide.  Look around your holiday gatherings and count how many people are there.  There is a very good chance that some of your own relatives are suffering in silence.
Tracey offers information that can help not only the person struggling, but also the people in their lives who might not know how to support them.  For one, Tracey shares many of the things we should NOT say to someone who is experiencing depression.
Amazingly, in the midst of her own struggles, Tracey managed to develop her own self-help plan that helped her keep going.  Even more amazing is that she manages to do this mostly by herself without much support.
We also discuss celebrities who have committed suicide, and how it is so easy to see the on-stage persona while we fail to see the struggling human being within.
Tracey shares tips and tactics that she uses to pull herself out of the rabbit hole.
A person must want to get better, and it isn't easy to get better.  She encourages those who are depressed to keep at it!  If you stay the course, you'll see progress.  It might be slow, but you will see it.
Over time, Tracey started to find comfort and refuge in the rabbit hole.  She gives an inspiring account of how she turned her biggest struggle in life into one of her greatest gifts.  That's true, authentic transformation!  That's empowerment!
It's important to give yourself permission to seek refuge.
Listen to the final 6-7 minutes to hear Tracey share some tips on how to navigate the upcoming holidays.
Check out her book.  It gives you a glimpse into the inner world of someone who is experiencing a major depressive episode.  Her book can help you help yourself, and it can help you help a loved one.
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