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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Dec 26, 2018

Donnie is a Marine Corps veteran turned salesman.  For 20 years, he excelled at sales and made a lot of money for other people.  Donnie shares with us the epiphany he had a couple years ago--that moment he realized he was living other people's dreams, not his own.  That's when he decided to make a big leap by opening his own business.
He talks about the challenges he faces in starting his own business, and one of his bigger hurdles was overcoming his own mindset.
This man knows himself, he's perceptive, and he pays attention to those A-HA moments and epiphanies that are often triggered when we least expect it, oftentimes in everyday, mundane conversations.
Donnie discusses the importance of facing your fears and doing those things in life that creep you out.  In order to be effective, you must know yourself.
Now, Donnie has his own podcast, Donnie's Success Champions, that has grown rapidly.   You can find his show here: .  
Listen to find out the one question he asks all of his guests before they go on his show.  He tells us how he got started in podcasting and also of a unique experience as a guest on a podcast. 
Donnie urges people not to get stuck being okay with being okay.
In his experience, people know what to do to help themselves, they don't always have the courage to pull the trigger and actually do it.
Donnie discusses coaches and why he believes so many of them struggle.
This man opens up with us and shares his shame.  He tells us how he navigated through his shame to keep forward momentum.
Support systems are important, and be discerning from whom you seek support.  Misery loves company, so avoid reaching out to people who will sit in the misery with you because they'll keep you there.
We discuss PTSD, effective treatments, and the pitfalls of the system.  Bit of advice - if you have PTSD, get out of the system!
Donnie encourages us to embrace new things.  Don't walk away from potential tools (such as new technology) because you don't get it.  Learn to use it.
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