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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Feb 6, 2019

Dr. Aaron Smith joins us today to talk about public STEM schools.  He is currently an administrator at a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) school in Virginia, and he also has years of experience teaching in a traditional public school.  Aaron explains what STEM really is, and he also dispels some myths about STEM schools.
If you're not sure what STEM is, then please listen in!  Aaron explains that STEM schools aim to give students real-life, practical experience that aims to produce workforce-ready graduates.  
Aaron has a passion for his work and for his role as a STEM administrator.  He cares about his students, and he emphasizes the importance of putting himself in the seat of the student as well as forging a connection with each student.
Aaron shares the powerful impact of combining CTE (Career Technical Education) with STEM.  He also explains how adding VR (Virtual Reality) has been a real game-changer.
Other topics we address include:
  • school safety
  • teachers
  • drugs
  • rebellion
  • parenting
  • community partnerships
  • rural and urban schools
And we also talk about his books.  Dr. Aaron has a new book coming out in 2019 (release date TBD) called Blank Check: Recreating America's Broken Schools.  His first book, Awakening Your STEM School, offers ideas and actions for educators and over 300 tips for success.
Connect with Dr Smith:
Title of Dr. Aaron's book: Awakening your STEM School: Assuring a Job-Ready Workforce