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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Jun 12, 2019

Trina L. Martin is a speaker, leader, and cyber tech expert! Trina has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and an MBA in International Business. She spent 20 years in the Information Technology field as a programmer and analyst.  She also worked her way up to become a United States Naval Officer and proudly served her country for nearly 30 years.

Trina's road to success was not exactly straight-forward. She grew up in Chicago with little means and an abusive mother. As a child, she felt as though her dreams were impossible. Without a support system, Trina had to find ways to encourage herself. 

Instead of giving in, Trina took her hardships and built skills that would help her throughout her journey. Eventually, Trina was able to pay her way through college. Despite her resilience, Trina found herself in a cycle of toxic relationships. A friend gave her a wake up call after telling her, "know your worth". After 8 years of stress and mistreatment, Trina divorced her husband. 

Trina found a lot of success by her late 40's. Ultimately, she felt empty despite all of her achievements. She felt as if she wouldn't find anyone to love her. Looking back, Trina is now able to see how her mindset, shame, and guilt have held her back, both in relationships and in her career. 

Whether you are a woman seeking direction for the next chapter in your life, a youth needing a role model, veteran woman in transition, minority youth needing encouragement to pursue STEM or someone looking for professional growth and development, Trina's passion is inspiring others to develop confidence in themselves to strive for their dreams even when it seems impossible.


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