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Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Feb 27, 2019

Today's guest is Sheira Brayer, creator of Motiv8: 8 Ways to ROCK Your Own World, an interactive, multi-media-based empowerment program for women and girls.  Sheira spent over a decade as the co-creator, music supervisor, and head songwriter of "Dittydoodle Works," the Emmy-nominated and nationally distributed children's television series for which she wrote 170 songs.
Moving people through her music is Sheira's mission.  She uses music, humor, poetry, personal anecdotes, and proven skills to motivate and inspire people to improve the most important relationship - the one we have with ourselves.
Working predominantly with mothers and daughters, Sheira opens the door to awareness of how people treat themselves.  She helps girls and women see themselves with new eyes.
Sheira understands how unhealthy and abusive patterns of behavior are passed from one generation to the next, AND she also understands how to break those unhealthy cycles by consciously choosing healthier thoughts and actions.
Unlearning is an important process for each of us to embrace, especially if we aim to gain a healthy mindset.  Unlearning is a practice, not a one-time event.
Music is a deal-sealer for Sheira.  Music helps us to stay present in our lives.
Her book, Motiv8, has a companion album of songs that accompany it.  Her songs are available on Spotify and iTunes.  Spotify
"Attitude affects action.  Action affects outcome."  This quote came from Sheira's husband, and they say this all the time in her household.  Smart man!
For Sheira, the most magical word is AWARENESS.  Once you are aware of something, you can never go back to being unaware of that thing.
We learn about Shiera's father, a Holocaust survivor who lost his entire family in a death camp in WWII when he was only 13 years old.  It's a unique story of hiding and surviving in the forest.  Be sure to check out her father's book, Hiding in Death's Shadow by Allen Brayer.
Satori - a Buddhist term meaning sudden awakening or sudden enlightenment.  Listen to hear about Sheira's satori.
Stay tuned...there will be exciting new online material and collaborations coming from Sheira in the near future!
She understands the need to be a positive influence for our children, and working with both parents and children is crucial.
Meditation has changed her life in positive ways.  It's a skill that helps us open-up to our full potential.
Keep music in your life, and make your life joyous, humorous, and light-hearted.
Speak intentionally. Slow down your speech, and bring your brain online.
Connect with Sheira Online:
Her book and her dad's book are Must Reads!  Check them out:
by Sheira Brayer   
by Allen Brayer